Balanced Breath Wellness

Where Pain Relief meets Spa Vibes

 ~ Specializing in Corrective Bodywork ~

Balanced Breath Wellness was created with the desire to deliver the benefits of a clinical, therapeutic massage in a relaxing spa setting. I'm a solo practitioner whose focus is placed on quality of care. I enjoy being able to get to know my clients and taking the time to give them what they need!

I'm passionate about ensuring my clients have the BEST experience possible. It's not just an awesome'll love the space you're in. From the moment you walk through the door, you'll feel the stress melt away. Helping you Heal with Good Vibes, Skilled Hands & Plant Therapy!

I specialize in Corrective Bodywork meaning, we will work together to resolve the issues you are feeling within your body. Will you feel relaxed? Probably!

This work is gentle, yet deeply effective and designed to help you improve range of motion and diminish stubborn pain patterns.

This is not your usual deep tissue massage ~ the goal is always to help you leave in less pain than when you came in, not more!

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